Rates & Terms

Our rates vary from job to job. This is simply because some projects may be very complex and take weeks to plan. Where as others could be much more simplistic and carried out the following day. For example, one client may request a single shot of a property with our mast. While another, a full production using all the equipment, crew, aircrafts and post production we have to offer. So therefore we have to quote on a individual basis as no two projects are alike.

Due to the nature of specialised filming, we do require 30% in advance when booking a job. This is mainly because a large amount of our time prior to actually arriving at any job is taken up with paperwork and planning. We could arrive at a job and spend just 20 minutes in the air capturing the desired shots. Yet spent two whole days prior to this organising all the necessary risk assessments, equipment, site surveys and permissions in order to make this operation run as safely and smoothly as possible. So therefore having our clients commit prior to us commencing on any job is a sensible term we work by.

As the services we offer are so versatile and bespoke, we suggest the simplest way of getting a more specific quote for your individual project would be either to drop us an email or just call for a friendly chat. +44 (0)343 455 1066