The MōVI series are state of the art light weight custom designed 3-axis camera stabilisers and can carry a vast array of cameras. Using them can be either a one or two man operation. The two man set up is by far the safer and better method. It works simply by one person carrying the MōVI (following a subject let’s say) whilst the other person frames and operates the camera by means of remote control. This then allows the person carrying the MōVI to focus purely on their movements, rather than having the task of trying to frame a shot whilst also keeping their footing. This new development in camera stabilising technology truly opens up a world of possibilities.

The MōVI (10 & 15) can carry the following cameras plus others such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini.

Red Epic


Red Scarlet

Canon C500

Canon C300

Canon C100

Canon 1D-C

Nikon D4

Sony FS700 (with limited choices of lenses)

Sony FS100

Blackmagic Production 4K

Canon 5D MK III

Nikon D800

Sony Alpha 99

Canon 70D

Panasonic GH4

Sony A7S