UAVs (drones)

S2A Media has a large selection of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in it’s fleet, ranging from heavy lifters like our Freefly ALTA to smaller sub 7kg hexacopters and quadcopters. Our Freefly ALTA is at the forefront of UAV technology and works with a range of MōVI gimbals. It’s unique design allows you not only to harness the MōVI gimbals beneath the aircraft, but also mount them on top of it too. This incredible new feature makes the ALTA the first of it’s kind and truly opens up an exciting and unchartered world for aerial film making. It can carry a vast array of production cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA mini, REDs, Blackmagic Production 4K, DSLRs and the much popular Panasonic GH4.


Tero Car

The Tero is a large radio controlled car that provides low level dolly and intricate tracking shots and can reach speeds of up to 40mph. Our MōVI gimbals attaches to the Tero car allowing us to capture low level stabilised shots with incredible results. There were only ever 25 Tero cars produced world wide, and now manufacture of these has totally ceased. So we’re very proud to have such a unique and rare piece of film making equipment.


MōVI (10 & 15)

The MōVI series are state of the art light weight custom designed 3-axis camera stabilisers and can carry a vast array of cameras. View compatible cameras Using them can be either a one or two man operation. The two man set up is by far the safer and better method. It works simply by one person carrying the MōVI (following a subject let’s say) whilst the other person frames and operates the camera by means of remote control. This then allows the person carrying the MōVI to focus purely on their movements, rather than having the task of trying to frame a shot whilst also keeping their footing. This new development in camera stabilising technology truly opens up a world of possibilities.


Flyline (Cable Cam)

Flyline (cable cam) provides a safe and alternative method of capturing incredible overhead shots in crowded and congested areas where flying a UAV just wouldn’t be feasible. It works by attaching one of our MōVI gimbals to it’s carriage and being suspended between two anchor points. Whether your desired shot be gradual and intimate or super high-octane, this piece of equipment is most capable and delivers very effective results.


Telescopic mast

S2A Media use a 15m (50ft) telescopic mast which one of our MōVI gimbals can be attached to. This allows us to work safely in highly congested areas or over crowds where flying a UAV would be high risk.



S2A Media has a wide range of cameras and lenses i.e. Blackmagic Production 4K, Sony FS100, Canon 5D Mark 3, Canon 60D, Panasonic GH4, GoPro 4 Black, GoPro 3 Black. View all cameras We also have the capability to carry other large production cameras i.e. Alexa Mini and REDs with our MōVI gimbals.